Product Offerings

Here you will find information about the products I currently offer in my shop. Many of these items will be added to the shop on "Restock Days." Please follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter to know when these will happen.


Book Sleeves

I currently offer three sizes of book sleeves:

  • E-Book, for protecting your e-readers and small paperbacks
  • Regular, for protecting your paperbacks and standard size hardcovers
  • Laptop, for protecting your laptops or REALLY big books

I have both single and double-sided sleeves available. Single-sided sleeves have a front with my original design that has been digitally printed onto cotton fabric. The back of these sleeves are stock patterned cotton and tagged with my logo. Double-sided sleeves have two of my original designs, one on the front and one on the back. You will find my logo tag on the inner lining.

I use plush faux fur to line my book sleeves, a unique offering in the book sleeve world. My book sleeves are also reinforced with a thick interface for added protection for your beloved books.



I currently offer several sizes and styles of blankets. Styles of blankets are as follows:

  • Swaddle: Made with an organic double layered gauze, these small blankets are perfect for swaddling a new baby. They are printed with one of my original designs, either as one panel or repeated over the blanket. They measure approximately 54x36.
  • Fleece: Made with a single layer of fleece and completed with serged edges, these lighter-weight blankets are perfect for taking to sporting events or gifting. They are single panel blankets, printed with one of my original designs enlarged to cover the entire blanket. They measure approximately 50x54.
  • Quilt-Style: These blankets are my most popular offering and come in three sizes: baby (40x36), throw (40x55), and oversized (50x70). As pictured --> my quilt style blankets feature several of my original designs, arranged in a repeated pattern over the length of the blanket. I have pre-themed quilt-style blankets available, such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Little Women, Jane Eyre, etc. I also have a CUSTOM option available, where you can choose the book covers and quotes that mean the most to you, from any series or genre your heart desires. I offer three different types of backing for my quilt style blankets. Read more here.


Baby's Guides

When my son Abraham was born I was overcome with the desire to create something for him that could be an easy introduction to classic literature (or non-classic books, like HARRY POTTER! that I simply adore). So Baby's Guides were born. These are essentially condensed (and I mean extremely condensed) versions of the stories, consisting of important quotes (directly from the text) and illustrations I have made to complement them. I often reuse the artwork I make for these Guides in other areas of my shop. I currently have several Baby's Guides available, and am always working on developing more.

  • Baby's Guide to Jane Eyre
  • Baby's Guide to Little Women
  • Baby's Guide to The Hobbit
  • Baby's Guide to Lord of the Rings
  • Baby's Guide to The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Baby's Guide to Pride and Prejudice
  • Baby's Guide to Macbeth
  • Baby's Guide to Gone with the Wind
  • Baby's Guide to Classic Literature
  • Hogwarts: A Guidebook for Babes


I am able to make any of my designs into prints for your home. I have several listings for specific prints, but you are also able to choose which design you want if I haven't created its own listing for it. I currently offer prints in three sizes:

  • 5x7
  • 8x10
  • 13x19

My artwork is printed onto high-quality archival photo paper.



Velvet Pillows

My throw pillows feature my original designs on a luxurious velvet material. The backs of these pillows are patterned cotton and tagged with my logo. 

Mug Rugs

Mug rugs are essentially just quilted coasters - and mine are especially nerdy! Made with my original illustrations, my mug rugs are single panel with a backing of either fur or cotton. They measure about 6x9. 

These are stocked on my restock days and typically go fast! Sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram to find out when restocks will take place.



Bookish Headbands

My bookish headbands are made with a stretchy nylon band and can fit newborns to adults. The decoration is made with a single panel of my printed illustration in cotton, with a back layer of cotton. It is quilted on top and is firmly secured to the band with machine stitching. These are made in tiny batches - if you are really interested in one but I don't have any in stock, please message me! I love making these for your little babes.