Requesting New Designs

Every month I open up slots for custom NEW DESIGNS, for you to purchase if you are interested in getting a book cover or quote design that I have not yet created. There will be a limited number of slots available each month. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter to know when these will become available every month.

In order to save your custom slot you must purchase my NEW DESIGN REQUEST listing, in conjunction with whichever custom item you are wanting the design on. This could be a blanket, book sleeve, pillow etc. You may not purchase this listing by itself. If simply want an original painting with a new design, you must contact me before purchasing. If this item is purchased on its own, the order will be cancelled and the cost refunded.

If you are ordering one item that requires several new designs, you MUST purchase the correlating number of this listing. For instance, if you would like to order a custom blanket with 5 new designs and 1 design I've already created, it is required of you to purchase *5* of these listings. If there are not 5 available, it is because I have already sold out of the amount I have slotted for that particular month.

These designs are NOT exclusive and will be used by me in other areas of my shop as I see fit. Nor are these commissioned pieces; while you are free to provide inspiration, color requests, specific covers you like, etc., I will not guarantee that the finished product will look exactly as you picture it. No proofs will be provided. The $5 cost accounts for the extra work I have to do to create a new design - it does not give the customer any rights to my artwork. If you are unsure of whether you'll be happy with a new design I am to create, I highly recommend looking through my design gallery and choosing designs that you know you like instead.

If you would like me to create an [EXCLUSIVE] design for you, please message me before purchasing. I can do exclusive work but there is a higher fee.


I usually set aside weekends for painting - I call them painting marathons. During these painting marathon, I post progress pictures in my Instagram stories, so if you'd like to see new designs as I am working on them, be sure to follow me on Instagram.


If you have a themed blanket in mind that will require *all* new designs, please message me instead of trying to order this way, as the process and pricing is a little different. I will set up a custom listing for you instead.

This listing can be used in conjunction with:
* Custom Blankets
* Custom Oversized Blankets
* Custom Book Sleeves
* Custom Mug Rugs
* Custom Pillows

Please note that purchasing an item with new artwork may add several weeks to the shipping and processing time. My artwork is hand-painted and never digitally altered. I paint all of my designs myself. While I try to get all custom items finished within two months of purchasing time, sometimes it may take longer.