Backing Fabric

I use three types of backing fabric for my quilt style blankets. Please note that the Oversized blanket cannot be purchased with a flannel backing, but the smaller sizes can. 



This is a very lightweight backing option. Blankets with flannel backing are perfect for the summer months or if you live in a warm climate. I have used many different patterns and colors of flannel for the blankets, but I most often use plaid. If you have a specific request (such as floral, a specific color, geometric, etc) please contact me before ordering and I can let you know what is available.


Minky Dot

This is a soft, velvety fabric that is thicker than the flannel. It has dimples across the length fabric, creating a very pleasing texture. I would consider a minky blanket to be an in-between blanket - good for fall, warm winter climates, or warm-blooded people who don't want to be too bogged down by a heavy blanket. I can do pretty much any color in minky dot. I generally try to stick to neutrals or colors that compliment the colors in the designed front, but if you have a specific request please let me know.


Faux Fur

This is a warm, plush fabric. It's fur! I usually use minky fur which is velvety and soft. I can also use a Sherpa variety fur, which is very warm and soft and more reminiscent of sheep fur than of, say, bunny fur. Fur backed blankets are great for winter. I have several types of fur that I use. What I have in stock depends on what my fabric supplier has in stock, so not everything you see on my website is necessarily available. Please contact me before ordering if you have something specific in mind.