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New Products: Book Cover Blankets!

New Products: Book Cover Blankets!

I am soooooo so so excited to introduce this new product - and just in time for the colder weather, too. Y'all, BOOK COVER BLANKETS! I've been dreaming about these blankets for months, and now finally they are a reality. And I've got to say - I'm in love. Be sure to read all the way to the end on this one, because I've got a special offer on my new blankets for those of you who read my blog :)

Let me tell you a little about these blankets.

The fronts of the blankets are the show stoppers, obviously - patterns made from my hand-painted book cover designs as seen in the rest of my shop. Each cover is hand-painted, scanned, made into a pattern, and then printed onto high quality cotton fabric. As an avid book lover, you can understand my excitement right?

I've currently got two style options available in the shop: 1). A single title pattern that only consists of one book and has cozy flannel backing. This is a lighter weight blanket, perfect for cuddling up in the early fall. 2). A multi-title pattern with up to six different books and has a super soft faux fur backing. This blanket is warm and perfect for snowy days.

Let's talk about the single title pattern blankets first. These blankets are super cozy. I've got two sizes available: Swaddle, which is 34" inches long and 39" wide, and Throw, which is 60" long and 39" wide. The swaddle size is, you guessed it, meant for babies/toddlers. It can be used to swaddle your infant at night or placed on the floor as a play mat during tummy time. Doubtlessly, your toddler will grow attached to it and carry it around everywhere he or she goes, only displaying a great literary mindedness at such a young age!

The throw size is great for the back of the couch or the foot of the bed - just a simple blanket to keep around in case of coldness emergencies. These blankets will look amazing in the home of a bibliophile - I've got books all over the walls, so imagine the dream come true for me that is books on blankets as well.

I am currently offering a custom single title blanket (meaning you can choose WHICHEVER book is your most favoritest in the whole world) for the same cost as the blankets I already have listed, which is a great deal! These blankets will be crafted from start to finish with YOU in mind - so you have the say on the final book cover design, the repeat in the pattern, and the flannel fabric on the back!

As for the super soft multi-title patterned blankets - in these I have three sizes as well as the option of customizing by swapping out up to three titles within the pattern. In this way you can really make the blanket your own. The three sizes are: Lovey, which is 19" by 25" and meant to comfort your baby at night (or during the day, or anytime really), Swaddle, and Throw.

These blankets are SO SOFT. The faux fur brings them to a whole new level on the comfort level.

I only have five listings currently, but I will be adding more as I get them done. As always, I love working with you guys to create custom items, so if there is anything you'd like on blanket please don't hesitate to contact me!

For those of you who made it to the end, woo hoo! Here is a coupon code for 20% off my new blankets: SWEETSEQUELSBLANKETS. Good for one blanket of any size or variety, custom or not! Just enter the coupon code after you've added the blanket to your cart on Etsy.

:) :) :)

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