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It's Time to Start Thinking About CHRISTMAS!


Hi guys!! I've know I've been MIA on the blog scene for a while, and for that I apologize. This year has been a whirlwind - at the beginning of every month I kept thinking, "okay, this will be my slow month," but the slow month never came. And now the holidays are upon us!

So with that, I give you my tentative holiday order cutoff schedule.


IMPORTANT DATES for Christmas:

October 22nd: No longer accepting custom orders for NEW DESIGNS

November 25th: Order cutoff for made-to-order custom blankets, pillows, etc. with EXISTING DESIGNS but for which I have to order fabric.

December 7th: Order cutoff for made-to-order items for which I have fabric in stock - baby books, book sleeves, tea towels, ornaments, etc.

December 14th: Order cutoff for prints, bookmarks, and flash stocked items (possibly book sleeves or mug rugs). Essentially items that are made and ready to ship. I recommend purchasing priority shipping at this point if you want to receive it by Christmas.

December 15th: CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. I will probably open back up the second week in January.

**These dates are subject to change depending on how busy I get this holiday season. I ask for your understanding if items are later than expected as I do run this business by myself while taking care of two tiny children. I unfortunately am too busy to make exceptions in shipping times, so if you see that your item may not arrive to you as quickly as you'd like you might want to try again after the holidays.


Next Shop Restock: March 1st

Next Shop Restock: March 1st

Haute Handbags!

Haute Handbags!