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Before and After: Budget Bathroom Reno #1 - Constellation

Before and After: Budget Bathroom Reno #1 - Constellation

So. It feels like we've been renovating our downstairs bathroom for FOREVER. After a bunch of blood, sweat, tears, and more spilled paint than you can imagine, we are finally done. And ready to show it off.

Now let me tell you a little about this bathroom. When we moved in, it looked like the scene from some horror film. Here it is:

Freaky, right? The shower had been ripped out, six inches of drywall cut off, there was a hole where the toilet had been, and some clearly water-damaged laminate wood made up the floor. I don't know what happened in here before we moved in, and honestly I'm not sure I want to.

We knew we were going to wait until this summer to redo the downstairs bathroom as it was not an essential room (we already have a bathroom upstairs), but in order to keep myself from freaking out every time I passed the room, we did a little bit of work before the true renovation started. Leftover green paint on the walls, toilet and vanity installed, etc, etc. Here's that:

I know, it's not much of an improvement.

Bathrooms are tricky. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with this space. Here's what I came up with: a bold palette of dark and light grey, geometric floor tile, tiled shower, crates for above toilet storage, and of course (my favorite thing ever) a towel ladder. Oh, and I can't forget the constellation wall!

I'm officially in love with this bathroom. While the tiled floor and shower obviously make a huge difference, it's amazing what a big impact the right color of paint can have on a room. I chose a dark grey and a bright grey that coordinated perfectly with the colors in our tile.

I chose to paint the vanity, along with the wall and mirror, the bright grey in order to offset the fact that the vanity and light are not centered onto the wall (grrrrrr. Couldn't do anything about this unless we wanted to get into the electrical side of stuff, which we definitely did not want to do). I painted constellations on the back wall in order to give an element of interest to the room. It took a while but turned out fantastic, in my opinion. I only used two colors in this room. Since it is a small space, too many colors would have felt overwhelming.

Storage in a small bathroom can be a bear. In the upstairs bathroom Grant and I made floating shelves (that before-and-after is soon to come as well - we just need to finish tiling), but I wanted to do something a little different for the downstairs bathroom. I decided to buy some plain crates from Home Depot (found in the storage solutions aisle) and stain them. We used steel brackets to attach them to the wall.

Next storage solution: Towel ladders. Towel ladders are seriously my favorite thing in the world right now, and they will go in all of my bathrooms from now on. They are super easy to make and - bonus! - really cheap. We used flawed 2x2s for the poles and flawed 2x1s for the rungs, totaling only about $10. I know - a steal!

Finally, I should mention that my amazing husband was the brawn behind the tiling. He did such a great job, especially as this was his first time ever tiling anything! I'm so glad he's here to see out my vision for our renovation projects, even when they seem unattainable at first.

Now that my constellation bathroom is finally complete, our house feels like a home. It was the last room that needing fixing, so I can finally relax in this house - it is very close to exactly how I want it. Of course, since Grant got a new teaching job on the other side of the district - a 40 minute commute - Grant and I are now considering selling our home and moving to Sheridan, closer to his new job.

I know - crazy! While part of me thinks "no way am I starting this whole process over!" another, slightly louder, voice is saying, "more projects! yaaaay!" I am never happier than when turning something ugly into something beautiful. Though I truly will miss this bathroom if we move.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we try to make this tough decision! <3



Before and After: Budget Bathroom Reno #2 - Floral

Before and After: Budget Bathroom Reno #2 - Floral

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