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Introducing Sweet Sequels: Bookish Delights for You and Your Little

Introducing Sweet Sequels: Bookish Delights for You and Your Little

I'm Haleigh, owner and creator of the Etsy shop Sweet Sequels, formerly known as Peels and Posies. In November of 2015 my husband and I welcomed our firstborn into the world, a precious Grant-and-Haleigh sequel named Abraham Alan. This bundle of mine inspired me to make some changes to my Etsy shop and blog - namely in the form of baby items.

If you are familiar with my shop, you know it's all about books. My life is all about books. Since I was tiny I've loved them, and that love has actually grown since my baby arrived - reading to him is one of the greatest delights of my day, and garnering in him a love of reading the way I love it is so important to me. So with Sweet Sequels I am bringing to you Bookish Delights for the young and old.

I often long for the days when I was young and could literally spend an entire day reading. With the little one, my own business, and my work as a medical transcriptionist I obviously cannot do this. However, I can create bookish items for others that will be cherished for a long time. Teaching young children about books is something that has become overshadowed in recent years. Parents have been turning from the book in favor of the smart phone or tablet - plop your kid in front of one of those and they're easily entertained for hours. Well I'll tell you what - as soon as I learned how to read and how to love to read, books entertained me for hours. It is harder to get there, but the rewards are insurmountable. Children who read score higher on tests and are more driven toward success later in life. Children who read are given the gift of imagination.

Since Abraham was born I have bought him many many books, and not just baby board books (these are good, just not, I believe, the only type of book your baby should be exposed to). I also have made him fabric books and dolls and games inspired by literature, in the hopes that these items will instill in him a curiosity about literature and the desire to read real books.

Apart from being obsessed with books (maybe too much?) I am a DIY mama at heart. I love making my boy things, from toys to diapers to clothes. So you will occasionally find a post here about my ventures into DIY motherhood. If you're here for the books, just ignore these posts. If you are here for the DIY motherhood stuff though, don't skip the book posts! Because that is the most important. :)

I hope you will join me in my adventures as a book fiend and first time mom. There will be lots of pictures of my baby and lots of pictures of books, so if you're not into that sort of thing go ahead and leave now. :P ;)


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