August Exclusive Tees

Can you believe August is already upon us? That means the sad end of summer, but the happy coming of exciting times (aka fall and thanksgiving and Christmas - yeah, I said it!!). So here I am with a quick update regarding my August Exclusive tees! Without further ado...

July Exclusive Tees

Hi friends! In case you missed it - we moved! For the last month and a half we've been busy bees renovating our new home, but things are finally starting to settle down now. I'll post some pictures of our house here soon, but in the meantime I should probably tell you about my JULY EXCLUSIVE SHIRTS (again, in case you missed it hehe). 


I know I missed posting about last month's exclusive tees - Hobbiton in Spring and Endless Books. It's been an absolutely crazy month for us, as we decided (quite unexpectedly) to move to Texas! And we're moving in June. So we're busy over here at the home of Sweet Sequels. I am taking a break from blankets, restocks, and any made-to-order or custom items until after we get settled into our new home. But I will still have JUNE EXCLUSIVE TEES! 

Now for the news you've been waiting for...