Haute Handbags!

If you love carrying or creating unique purses and handbags, be sure to get a copy of April's Haute Handbags! This magazine features many amazing fiber artists who create inspiring and artistic bags. In this edition you can also find an article about my hand-painted messenger bags, which I no longer sell in my Etsy shop, but would be happy to make one for you as a custom order!

Baby's Guide to Lord of the Rings: A Complete Look

It's always good to get your kids started on Tolkien early, am I right? I showed you Baby's Guide to The Hobbit the other day - well, here is Baby's Guide to Lord of the Rings, featuring illustrations and quotes from all three parts of the great saga. A great companion to BG to The Hobbit - I even sell them in a set.

Baby's Guide to Harry Potter: A Complete Look at the Redesigned Version!

Over the last several months I've been working on redesigning my baby books so that they are fully integrated and 100% printed rather than painted. While I love the hand-painted versions of the books I created for Abe, I like these printed versions even better. Printing expedites the process so that I am able to put more time and detail into the paintings - making a much better book, in my opinion! Over the course of the next few days I will show you complete looks of all of my completed baby books, including some of the new ones I've created.

Of all my redesigns, Baby's Guide to Harry Potter has been one of my faves. You all know how I feel about Harry Potter so we won't go into that, but this book, y'all - such a fun baby toy. I also now have a Harry Potter blanket available in the shop, which features the same book covers you see on these pages.

Custom Book Cover Blankets

I've been having a great time designing all sorts of custom book blankets recently. I love gaining some insight on my customers' favorite books, and these blankets of course do that. You wouldn't put just any measly old book onto a blanket to stare at, would you?

I've decided to show off these lovely custom blankets. If you're interested in your own, please visit the listing on my Etsy shop. You can choose from this list of pre-designed titles, or choose a title not listed for an extra charge.

These make a great Christmas gifts! But be sure to order SOON as the fabric is custom ordered!