New Listing: Custom Book Cover Laptop Sleeves

I've never been one to measure things (like with a ruler) and sometimes this comes back to bite me. Such as: The time I decided to make a laptop sleeve for my new Surface Pro 3, so I went to the trouble of painting a piece of fabric to look like my favorite book, I Capture the Castle, and then used all of my most favorite fabrics for the back and the lining and the pockets, only to get finished with it hours later and eagerly grab my computer to slip it into my perfect creation...And it was too small. By, like, millimeters. GRRR! And all because I thought I could "eye" it...

That being said, I always measure now when I'm dealing with something that needs to be exact! Like my new Customizable Book Cover Laptop Sleeves. I made myself another one right after my first one failed (and luckily that one isn't a total waste, since my MacBook Air fits in it perfectly!), and now I have decided to share the love and sell them in my shop.

I can create one of these excellent sleeves to fit any computer and to resemble any book. I always carefully research titles I've never read before I start designing what the cover will look like, but I also love getting specific requests for what sort of things customers would like to see.

Please visit my listing to get all the info if you're interested in ordering one of these special sleeves! They would make a fantastic graduation gift for the bibliophile.