New Listing: Lord of the Flies Coin Purse

I first read Lord of the Flies by William Golding when I was in high school. As is the case with many great books I've read, it was required reading for a literary analysis paper (which, call me weird, I always liked). I wasn't super impressed with the story at the time, but as an adult I have come to appreciate it so much more.

Lord of the Flies chronicles the ventures of a group of ordinary young boys who have been marooned on an island. Without the rules of normal adult society to govern over them, carefree fun soon turns to chaotic panic - and the boys pay the price for that.

I love books that are rife with symbols, and Lord of the Flies is certainly one of those books. Designing this cover was really fun because I was able to play with some of the symbolic overtones of the story. I currently only have a coin purse available in this design, but I would happy to make a wall hanging, purse, laptop sleeve, or anything else you can think of! As always, feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries or requests.

What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?
— William Golding