Booked for the Holidays: Sweet Sequels Holiday Line

In my house, November means the holiday season has arrived. I pull out my tree and start decorating the house as soon as I hear the last footfalls and fading hollers of trick-or-treaters indicating Halloween is over. I have been greatly criticized over the years for decorating for Christmas too soon; that by doing so, I am shirking Thanksgiving. But such is NOT the case. I love Thanksgiving! I just feel that a big part of the joy of Thanksgiving is the beautiful holiday décor that distinguishes and cheers the home in the winter. When the last leaves have fallen and the landscape is barren and colorless, it makes sense to bring the color inside.


As is no surprise, my holiday décor revolves around books. Along with my book ornaments, this year I decided to make a book tree skirt featuring my design for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I am not currently selling tree skirts in my shop, but if you're interested in one please email me or message me on Etsy! I also included a lovely library card garland by Olden Designs.

I've been selling my book ornaments for a little over a year now. They make great décor for your tree, but also can be left out all year round for a little bookish cheer. Slip them in a book, even, and use as a bookmark.

I've also added several new categories of items to my shop recently that would make excellent gifts. My book blankets and book pillows can all be customized to feature you or your loved one's favorite titles.

Another fun idea I've had for the holidays is to include a little library card note if you're giving your purchase as a gift. Just be sure to leave a note to seller at checkout that you'd like me to include it!

I will be accepting custom orders for Christmas until December 1st. All other items should be ordered before December 10th to ensure delivery for Christmas. And good news! You still have until November 15th to get in on my THINKING AHEAD sale! 10% off with coupon code THINKINGAHEAD.