Hi! I'm Haleigh DeRocher, owner and creator of Sweet Sequels. I love books, but that much is probably obvious. I also love my husband Grant (math teacher and dad-extraordinaire) and my babies (Abraham and Juniper). We live in the mountains of northern Wyoming, but it's a temporary home. My real homes number in the dozens and occupy the pages of my beloved books.

My home is filled to the brim with beautiful volumes. The stories I've been reading for years hold a dear place in my heart, and they are the primary inspiration for Sweet Sequels. I believe in useable, beautiful, nerdy art that compliments the tomes on our shelves. At Sweet Sequels you can find book blankets, pillows, baby books, book sleeves, mug rugs, and of course, prints for hanging on your walls. 

My book cover art, literary illustrations, and quote designs are thoughtfully conceptualized, designed, and hand-painted; everything from the colors to the design aspects are inspired by the themes and mood of each individual book. I can't think of a better way to spend my time than ruminating on the plots and characters that I love.

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